Eligibility for RBBS Philanthropic and Academic Grants

The RBBS invites applications from Belgian post-graduate students in any particular field of study, with outstanding academic achievements who have received an offer from a Higher Education Institution in the UK for a Masters course starting the following academic year. The Trustees see the RBBS's role as the provider of the last missing part of the funding, "to help Belgians in need" in line with the statutes of the charity, not as the primary source of funding Applicants must provide evidence that they have exhausted all alternative sources of external funding. The RBBS also gives preference to applicants demonstrating a robust interest in charitable activities.

The RBBS offers one- or two-year grants of between £2,500 and £5,000, paid in arrears upon the successful completion of each academic year. The RBBS has the right to withdraw its grant, or to discontinue for the second  academic year if there is evidence of the student’s gross negligence in their studies.

The deadline for receiving completed application forms is 28th February each year. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered by the RBBS Trustees. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview and informed of the Trustees’ final decision during the first week of June.

At the end of their academic year, the RBBS Scholars will be asked to provide an annual financial report and brief narrative of their  results and study in the UK, which will be published on the TESTIMONIAL page of the RBBS website.They will be invited to give a brief presentation of their academic experience in the UK at the RBBS’s Annual Fundraising Meeting the following year.

The RBBS expects its alumni to mention their RBBS grant on their CV, to stay in touch with the Society and take an active part in its promotion and fundraising.

 To qualify for a RBBS grant, applicants must provide evidence of:

  1. Their Belgian Nationality.
  2. Exceptionally good academic record.
  3. Two references from previous teachers.
  4. The British Higher Education Institution’s offer letter.
  5. Proof of fluency in English enabling them to study in that language.
  6. Proof of application to other funding bodies.
  7. Accurate breakdown of costs.
  8. Proof of their/their parents’ financial situation.
  9. An application cover letter, explaining their motivation for wishing to study in the UK;  outlining their CV and future career plans;  suggestions for ways to collaborate with the RBBS in the future.

The full list of the 9 required documents above, should be sent in electronic pdf format to the Secretary of the RBBS  before the 28th February deadline.